Last day in Ostende

We were right it was a sticky night, without air conditioning we need the large window open, so as a result I now have 3 really angry Mozzie bites, we need the Apotheke (Pharmacy)….. When I get bitten, the bites always flare up and are hot and angry.  We are also knackered from no sleep.

The plan today is that after breakfast we will walk to the Main Church in Ostende.  If you have ever been there, you will know the one I mean, Sint -Petrus Pauluskerke (Saint Peter and Paul’s Church) on Boudenwijnstraat.


It was built in 1899. It is a Roman Catholic, Neo Gothic church and its spires are 72 metres high. The stained glass windows were destroyed during WW1 & 2 and the replacement windows were created by Michiel Martens.  It is really impressive inside and out and if you ever get the chance go and see It!

We take a few photos (well as lot actually), then we took a walk down through the main shopping area, it was heaving with people and we popped into a few shops when we spotted something different.   Mostly the shops are exactly as at home these days and you rarely see anything anywhere in Europe that you can’t buy at home.  This is why we stopped bringing holiday presents home ages ago.  What do you take?  Chocolate, booze, fridge magnets?

As we had almost finished our walk we stopped at a small bar in the square for a drink, it was lovely, under the umbrella, cooler and with a breeze.  For a few minutes, the breeze became a wind and there were a few grey clouds.  The waiter said “it should rain at 14.30”…. really? Sure enough at 14.28 I felt 2 spots of rain on my arm and everyone was glancing at the sky…… that was it!  A 2 spot rain shower but what a difference, I reckon it had cooled down by at least 5 degrees… far more comfortable.

Before we left we looked at the food menu and decided to reserve a table for the evening.  The waiter said it was advisable to do so if we wanted to guarantee a table.  We thanked him, paid the bill and walked about 500 metres to our hotel…..the minute I took my shoes off, I realised I had left a bag behind. So I trudged back along the street and across the square.

The waiter spotted me “Aha… it is in the bar” he said loudly …. “The little green bag with the olive picks in”.  Phew!  “That’s great, thanks for that” I said and picked it up from the bar.  I’m glad I got the bag back because most importantly my Mozzie Cream was in there!

In the evening we went back to the bar, the waiter recognised us immediately and gestured to the table he had reserved for us. I ordered a Rib Eye Steak and the Mr ordered Cod. We shared a nice bottle of Red wine and were at the bar for around 2 and a half hours.

We chatted about the fact that neither of us have tried the Mussels ….ever.  I am not a lover of seafood.  We both love Fish and Prawns but following a few tummy issues in the past I’m not keen to try Seafood again.  Also Moulles do not look appetising at all and I am pretty adventurous where food is concerned.

So after paying the bill and tipping the waiter we left for a final walk along the seafront.  What a difference, much cooler, cold even! We were in thin tee shirts and others were in cardigans and coats.  It was once again an absolutely stunning sunset…. “We should sleep tonight” we said in unison…”it’s so much cooler”….. How wrong could we be?!

We got to bed around 11.15, it was indeed cooler, well…slightly cooler. At 01.30 we were both still awake. Kids screaming, doors slamming, cars driving up the one way street and because they are so narrow the sound is deafening.  These cars have booming speakers and modified exhausts….. At 03.20 a family of Gulls were squawking and someone was clattering up and down on a skateboard…..Oh ….what a long night!

So this morning after a few hours very broken sleep, we look like death warmed up and can’t wait to leave Hotel Cardiff!  While this place in interesting and quirky, it is not recommended I’m afraid, too hot, too noisy and too 1950s!

If you remember, the car park was a 10 minutes’ walk away, so before breakfast we took some of our stuff back to the car and then walked back for breakfast.  On the way, once again we saw a young Gull we call Gary. He has obviously flown the nest before he can fly properly and his Mother has been feeding him on the ground and then flying back up to the other youngsters on the roof.  He has been on the ground near parked cars all the time we have been here and practices his wing strokes often. I hope he manages to survive until he can actually take off!  I’m sure he is responsible for the Gulls calling loudly all night!  Cheers Gary!


Gary the Gull!

So on we go to Dunkirk, we are only staying one night and apart from a traffic jam on the way the journey was a doddle. The Ibis Hotel is central and as soon as soon we arrived we went out for a walk to the Marina while our room was being made up.

In the afternoon we watched another family of Gulls on the roof opposite the room, the youngsters are being encouraged to fly by Mother Gull.   At the time of writing, 2 out of 3 have become airborne in the last 15 minutes and one is sat on his backside waiting to go.

They are squawking like crazy and we are hoping they will quieten down before bedtime.  Ferry home tomorrow. We sail at 10.00…..over and out….. Granny.

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