Last Day in Heidelberg

So here we are again, our last day in this lovely place and it’s almost time to pack up and move on.  Before we do, we decide to take one last walk around, it’s Sunday, so most shops and a few cafes are closed.

From our room, we can see the twin spires of a church, so we decide to see if we can find it.  On the way, we took a look at the menu in the Taverna Knossos, a tiny little Greek Restaurant immediately behind out hotel.  Nice and near we thought and less walking.  We have walked miles over the last few days. So the decision has been made that this is where we will eat tonight.  They serve fried Aubergines with Skordalia, this is a favourite when we visit the Greek Island of Symi.

Plodding on slowly through the narrow, deserted streets, we followed the Spires (when we could see them), until they were in full view.  Then we noticed that there were hordes of people in front of the Church, “Some sort of festival maybe” says the Mr?  So we carried on to see what all the fuss was about.

There were lots of people selling second hand clothing, books, rucksacks, roller skates. …. A sort of table top sale, although, there were no tables.  Everyone was sat on the floor on picnic blankets and cushions.

There were stalls and a huge marquee, a man made sand pit for the children, face painting, cake sales, food and beer stalls and so on.

We ordered coffee and cake and asked what it was all in aid of.  “It is for Social Charites” The lady on the coffee stall said.  So when we had finished our Coffee and shared our Strawberry cake, the Mr handed the crockery back and told them to keep the €3 deposit for the charity.   I am sure that almost the whole town had turned out.

The Church was stunning!  A real central point for the area.  I am not religious at all, I never have been but I love the architecture and both me and the Mr always light candles in memory of people in our family who are no longer with us.  We don’t pray, we just take a moment or two out of the day to think about them.  It makes you feel better I think.  There were candles in this church too but we had no means of lighting them.


It looks like rain and as it is so hot and muggy, it feels like there could be a storm.  We headed back towards the Hotel. We stopped for a Salad at a small bar and sat there for about an hour before returning to our room for a Siesta.

The Greek Restaurant was a 5 minute walk away and we managed to find a table without booking.  At first we thought we would have difficulty finding something for the meat-free Mr.  However, despite the language barrier, the lovely lady helped us to order, some of the favourite Aubergines and Skordalia.  Some Fish with fried Potatoes for the Mr and a lovely Pork and Feta dish with Tomato and Cream Sauce. It was lovely but apart from the Aubergines was nothing like Greek to me?!

So to bed, we need a good sleep tonight as we want to be away by 08.30.  I would thoroughly recommend a trip to Heidelberg and the Leonardo Hotel was very central for every tourist attraction.  However, we didn’t partake in the breakfast, which cost €18 per person!  You can buy breakfast for €5 100 meters along the road, I don’t mind paying a fair price but I hate being ripped off!  ……. Good night all ……….Granny 😆


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