The Old Bridge 

The 2 Bridges of Heidelberg, Brükefest and Nudeln

So, day 3 in Heidelberg and we need to decide what to do today.  It is hot again and we had a fitful sleep due to the heat.  The air conditioning, makes you so thirsty and dry and one of us usually wakes at first light to turn it off and fling open the door to let the fresh air in!  The room is stifling!  So now it is difficult to get going this morning and we will have to take our time.  We need to remind ourselves that this is supposed to be a holiday and we need to relax sometimes.  So far we have been ‘flat-out’ trying to cram in as much as possible.

We drank a few cups of tea, downloaded our newspaper on a free app, mooched about and then decided we would walk to the New Bridge, cross to the other side and see how we felt then and how energetic we would be today.   So in true ‘Holt’s’ style, we loaded ourselves up like Pack Mules and set off.  Cameras, spare batteries, sunscreen…. you name it we carry it, our rucksack is like a Boy Scout’s nightmare!

We found our way a lot quicker today and didn’t go wrong, this is a bonus and we were at the bridge far quicker.  On the way, we bought some salad rolls and when we got over the other side of the bridge, we joined other people on a grassy area beside the river to eat our lunch.

Weekends are for relaxing here, so on Saturdays and Sundays, many families come to the riverside to play ball games, take part in water sports, or just hang around with their loved ones, eating picnics and sleeping in the sun.

We walked along and saw some really unusual Geese, we saw some yesterday, by a small lake in the town but near the river there are about 50 in a large group.  I have been trying to find out what type of Geese they are without much success!  (Since coming home we have found out that they are Egyptian Geese


Some students were staging a silent protest, something to do with the amount of waste in the world. 3 young men, were hugging bins, all in the same pose, then they changed position and put their heads in the bins?! All the while a lady ran around with a camera taking pictures of the protest, I suspect she was a journalist.  It was a strange sight to see but we have seen all sorts on this trip!

We looked up and down the traditional shopping streets with their old style German buildings and then decided to walk along the river to the Aldstat and the Old Bridge.  It is still hot but the breeze along the river is very welcome and cooling.  There are families on the river in small motor boats, sailboarding lessons, organised boat cruises and cargo boats that seem to take half an hour to pass as they are so long.

These boats are low in the water and they cause a huge swell in the river and it slaps against the river bank for at least 5 minutes after the boat is out of sight.

As we walked along the bank on the opposite side to the Aldstat, we can hear music…….. Very familiar music and it becomes louder and louder….. “Beatles Music” says the Mr! “I wonder what that’s all about?”

Approaching the bridge, there are more flags and people than yesterday and a huge buzz of sound floods across the bridge.  The signs say ‘Brükefest 2016’ but we can’t find any information about it.  So let’s just go with the flow…. When in Rome and all that.

So we sit at a table order a beer and watch 3 German men, dressed like Sgt Pepper and singing Beatles, Eddie Cochrane and Chuck Berry songs in perfect English while introducing all the songs in German.  Love me do, Girl, 20 Flight Rock … it was great sitting, joining in and singing along.

After a pleasant 45 minutes, we move on …… by now we are getting tired and it’s approaching 5 pm, we have been walking all day and by the time we got back to the hotel we had done over 18,000 steps on my trusty pedometer……. I think a short snooze is on the cards…..

7pm…..Shower, change of clothes and we’re off again.  We are going to walk back to the Aldstat, which will take about 40 minutes.  We want to eat on the beautiful square and soak up a bit more of the festival atmosphere. …we weren’t disappointed.

We went to a traditional Restaurant called Golden Falke (Hawk).  They serve traditional German Nudeln and Spatzle … it looks lovely and with the music, the  flowers on the buildings in the square, the hundreds of people passing by it really is wonderful and it’s still warm here.


The Mr, ordered a Kase Spatzle  (this is his new favourite and he wants to find a recipe) and I ordered Nudeln with Braised Beef in Red Wine Sauce with Red Cabbage…. it was delicious but as usual the portions are enormous.  Apfel Strudel with Ice cream followed the Spatzle and for me just plain Vanilla Ice cream.  It’s unusual for me to eat a sweet but I really enjoyed it.

In the Marktplatz there was a band playing loudly, some sort of Jazz crossed with Reggae, it was loud and rang out around the square, echoing back to us as we walked. We watched for a few minutes but as it was standing only decided to amble our way back along the river to the Hotel….. 22,794 steps says the pedometer.  Apparently we walked over 9 miles in total.  It felt like 29 and my feet are swollen from the heat.  Phew, what a day………. and so to bed….Granny zzzzzzzzz

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