CAMPING – So worth the effort!

Oh yes….camping, where do I start?  I have camped most of my adult life, when the kids were small, we went to the Gower, even before we could drive!  My Dad would drop us in the field with a mountain of stuff and pick us up in a week …. it usually rained the entire time but we still had a good time!

Nowadays though, the kids have flown the nest and me and the Mr have a VW Camper called Boris the Bold.  We bought him 8 years ago for the princely sum of £4,350 and we have never looked back.  We have travelled across Europe, driven up high alps, through forests to the seaside and lakes all over Europe and in the UK.

We have camped in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, France and so many places in the British Isles …too many to mention and if you snoop at my  Facebook photos, you can see evidence of our travels!  There are also stories and write ups on past pages of this blog.




My reason for posting this though, was not to harp on about the trips we have done in the past or to ponder as to why, when we go away to a weekend event in Boris, we take more ‘stuff’ than we do when we travel for 3 weeks in Europe?!  Rather to tell people why it is so worth the effort.




First there is the weather and scenery, the pictures speak for themselves but this scenery looks different throughout the day, so if you camp near high mountains, you get a different view at 06.00 than you do at 15.00 and the sunset is early, so it goes cold at night.  We have sat outside our Van at Heiligenblut at 08.00 in 25 degrees, eating breakfast and at 11.00 there was a storm and 8cm of snow in July!  You don’t get this when you stay in a hotel.

We also camp at every opportunity and we have camped as late as November and once even in December.  There really are no constraints and a lot of campsites open all year round.

At night, you can sit out until late and then, (as long as you have the privacy) leave the curtains open and see the millions of stars in the clear night skies.  There are a lot of campsites, where ‘lights-out’ means total darkness and this is when the sky comes to life!  I have lost count of how many shooting starts I have seen while lying in the Rock and Roll bed in the back of Boris.



This year we travelled in a car and booked Hotels.  It was a great holiday travel wise and we got to see some gorgeous sites.  The downside was, if there was a day that you wanted to relax, read a book or enjoy the sun, hotel rooms do not offer any outside space to do so.  On this year’s holiday, we only had an outside space at 2 out of 8 hotels.  Boris, is an outside space on wheels and as they say in the camping game “Home is Where you Park it”

So, I think we have decided that if we want a relaxing holiday, lots of different views at any given time of day.  The ability to please yourself, relax, eat ‘al-fresco’,  enjoy nature, freedom, wildlife, weather, conversation, zero wi-fi (apart from when you need to post a Grannyrant) and a total ‘switch off’…. then camping is the way to go.

Whether it be 2 man tent, T25 or any other means of being outside…go for it… it is so worth the effort!

Bye for now – Granny  🙂

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2 Responses to CAMPING – So worth the effort!

  1. Jan Bowen says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your rant granny xx


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