Abertillery Workmen’s Welfare Institute Revival! Part 1


Abertillery Workmen’s Welfare Institute  (AKA The Stute) was recently put up for sale for the sum of £70,000 …… yes, £70k can you believe it?!

The Stute –  was built by Miners and paid for weekly from their wages. It is a very important building within our community and it has sadly closed and become run down.  The picture below shows damage caused from the leaking roof.


In it’s hay-day The Stute was a focal point for the thriving Community of Abertillery, a place where Coal Miners and their families, could meet to socialise,  learn and take part in sporting activities and it even had a swimming pool!

You can check out it’s history on a blog called “Out of the Blue Artifacts”  by Graham George Bennett  a local man who has been collecting information for almost the whole of his life.  This blog provides and amazing insight into The Stute previously called the Powell’s Tillery Miner’s Institute and many other areas of interest about South East Wales and beyond.  Pardon the pun – but you could say that this blog is a mine of information!

To cut to the chase –  we seriously need support to get this building reopened. We need funds to decorate, fix the roof, clean up and get the building fit for purpose and reopened for all ages and abilities within Abertillery and surrounding areas.

We have set up a ‘Local- Giving’ site in order to raise the much needed money to allow us to bring The Stute back to it’s former glory, we are looking for local people to join us as:

  • Trustees – Do you have building knowledge, are you a funding/fundraising expert?
  • Volunteers – Could you help remove rubbish, clean up, paint, carry out minor repairs?

We only need an hour or so per week and attendance at one meeting per month.  There is no financial risk to Trustees.

Please help us preserve this building for future generations.  You can donate by clicking this link  or pressing the Red Button Below.




Hopefully we will meet at the Cafe in the Stute for Coffee before long, until then please help us raise funds and donate to reopening this building for future generations………

Granny 🙂

E mail –  Abertillerystute@outlook.com

Twitter –  @Aberstute

Facebook – SOS Save our Stute 


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